Jaw fillers provide volume and stimulate hyaluronic acid or collagen production. This can lessen the appearance of sagging, baggy skin, and bone loss around the jaw.

Jaw filler can be used to:

  • reduce the effects of age-related volume loss in the lower face
  • create a more oval-looking jawline
  • reduce the appearance of jowls
  • contour the jawline, giving it a sharper appearance
  • balance an asymmetrical jawline
  • strengthen or add proportion to the chin
  • provide a strong foundation and frame for the face

Common side effects from jaw filler include:

  • temporary discomfort
  • swelling
  • redness
  • itching
  • acne eruptions

Less common side effects can include:

  • infection
  • skin nodule formation
  • inflammatory skin reaction (granulomas)
  • skin lumps

Severe complications can include:

  • tissue death caused by blood flow blockage
  • asymmetry
  • scarring
  • blood vessel injury